Thursday, May 20, 2004

After not posting for some time I decided to reread the whole blog ( which didn't take long). My god, I've mellowed, must be the impending nuptuals. A has told me that I am more tolerant and less rude these days and I supose she's right. I think I am generally too fucking knackered to get too het up these days. There are still some exceptions. The Zurich premiership play off system sucks arse. Blair is still a wanker, so no change there.Pity the condom hadn't been used really. Bush is soon to be squirming like a stuck pig as it becomes apparent that perhaps the yanks should actually start training some of the trailer trash that they allow into their armed forces. Very much the minority amongst the good soldiers, but jeez, how did they get in ? And are there really people that stupid ? Arsenal going unbeaten seriously pissed me off as does the upcoming Euro 2004 as I like Portugal, and I hope we don't get tarred with the same brush as the backward fucks who will no doubt do their level best to trash the place.Apart from these few side issues the glass is more full than empty, and the smell distinctly more roses than shit

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