Monday, January 05, 2004

Christmas finishes at last, and the nose firmly hits the grindstone. A bizzare holiday, nearly two weeks off without actually going on holiday. The usual orgy of present opening for the kids, which C enjoyed hugely, but J at one remained unimpressed - ooh great something else that makes a stupid noise. Do they really need toys that quack for stimulation ? Still, we got through it without killing each other or the kids. Managed to get out and about as much as possible, but found myself strangely jealous whilst yomping along next to the Avon freezing my nadgers off when thinking about C & M jollying around NZ. Still, maybe if things go as planned we might find a few months in the sun ourselves.

Still don't get the whole new year thing. Went to a pleasant shindig at friends, but everyone turns into an arse at midnight. Is it absolutley compulsory to sing some dorky scottish verse and hug and kiss the nearest strnager simply because the date has changed? It's a pile of crap and even when bladdered, have never managed to to catch the vibe.

With Christmas over it's back to the miltary op that is the wedding - aaaaargh. Still got the ring and settled the South African national debt in the process - must get round to proposing.

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