Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ranty stuff

Boy oh boy oh boy.

Arseholes who use spray deodorant in the tiny squash club changing rooms.

There is no such thing as 'The Lynx factor', get some roll on.

When I come into the changing rooms gagging for oxygen, and then I get a deep bite of cfc in the lungs and the nose I simply want to kill you.

Talk talk, it's been said before, but once again, you are so cunty.

Triton showers. Don't sell products that don't work, and then quote a nine day response time to a guarantee issue.

But most of all, my wife's cousin's husband. A bit of a long trail, I know, but you cunt. You are a fat sweaty twat, and your wife is wonderful, as are your kids.

But still, you've fucked some young little slapper from your office.

Sometimes, I lose my faith in human nature.

I am really angry about this, and quite frankly, I just want to twat him, which is not my general outlook.

Seriously, this guy is fat, sweaty and has a face like a pushed in bag of shit.

His wife is not only a little cutie, but is also a wonderful person.

Apparently, it was an internet thing.


Brennig said...

A rant is good for the soul and this is a good rant.

nuttycow said...

Rant away. I love reading a good rant. Especially one speckled with good swear words!

Gumpher said...

I think I need to be more creative with my swearing.

I'll excuse myself on the grounds that I typed that quickly